Special Night Event

Furusato Matsuri Tokyo for Adult

Drink, eat and enjoy your evening at Tokyo Dome!!

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Special evening event!
※ 1/10 (Tue), 15 (Sun) excluded

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Japanese festivals and to try our local snacks, sake and beer! What is your favorite local sake or beer? Come and find it out for yourself! Party time with the best Japanese local sake and beer! The Festival is opened until 21:00.

■Special festival night
You can enjoy a special stage where festivals throughout the country appear in succession. Feel the powerful energy of the performers while tasting our local delicious food.

■Ladies Day:1/11 (Wed) [18: 00 ~ 21: 00]

Happy HAPPY-HOUR for girls

Please drop by the Nigiwai City for a “HAPPY gift” and discount coupons for girls only. Come visit the “Yuruchara®Fureai Area” and have fun with the one and only local Yurucharas.

A lot of nice gifts for girls!

This day only! Something special for girls.

■NEW—Let’s All Dance!:1/12 (Thu)
“Let’s All Dance” is where the performers and YOU dance together!  There’s no fun in just watching, come join the festival dance. Japanese festival dance will be performed at “Festival Area” and “Furusato Stage. Come join the fun!

Special event Aomori Night in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo:1/14 (Sat)
An evening with the best of Aomori, including Tsugaru Shamisen, folk songs/hand dancing, Aomori Nebuta Festival and so much more! 



Pick Up

  1. Furusato Matsuri Tokyo
  2. Echizen! Crab Donburi
  3. Aomori Nebuta Festival