Ladies Day

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※Scenes from last year

Happy HAPPY-HOUR for girls
1/11 (Wed)  [18: 00 ~ 21: 00]

Please drop by the Nigiwai City for a “HAPPY gift” and discount coupons for girls only. Come visit the “Yuruchara® Fureai Area” and have fun with the one and only local Yurucharas.

A lot of nice gifts for girls!

This day only!  Something special for girls.

“HAPPY gift” for girls only at Nigiwai City.

Girls who visited Nigiwai City, don’t forget to get your <delicious gift>!

Today’s ticket!

“Evening ticket” (enter after 16:00) Discount 1,100 yen→1,000 yen

Pick Up

  1. Furusato Matsuri Tokyo
  2. Echizen! Crab Donburi
  3. Aomori Nebuta Festival