Ikemen Stamp Rally:Noodles

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Calling all noodle lovers!
“Ikemen” large set!
What is the Ikemen Stamp Rally? Collect stamps by trying noodles (“Ikemen”) only available regionally!
Depending on the number of stamps you collect, you get to try your hand at sweepstakes for awesome prizes, such as Tokyo Dome Hotel Pair tickets, Spa LaQua pair tickets, etc. Also, if you visit all restaurants, you can join in a special lottery only for those who have collected them all. Go get your chance to win some special prizes!

How to enjoy the Ikemen Stamp Rally

■Step 1
Collect stamps by trying regional Ikemen.

■Step 2
Join in the lottery according to the number of stamps you collect.

■Step 3
Get a prize by Lottery

■Step 4
If you visit all Ikemen restaurants, you can participate in a special lottery for the chance to win special prizes!

Pick Up

  1. Furusato Matsuri Tokyo
  2. Echizen! Crab Donburi
  3. Aomori Nebuta Festival