Hirosaki Neputa Festival


Hirosaki Neputa Festival
Hirosaki-shi, Aomori Prefecture

Hirosaki Neputa Festival is a summer festival where about 80 large and small, colourful and dignified Neputa with the theme of Musha painting are carried around the castle town of Hirosaki with a shout of Ya yado. This festival is held every year in early August in Hirosaki city, Aomori Prefecture. In January 1980 the festival was designated as an important intangible ethnic cultural asset of Japan. Neputa is said to have been born out of a “farmers’ event” to get rid of the sleepers attacking in the busy summer season of agricultural work. The word “Neputa” is also said to represent “sleepy” in this area’s dialect so “Nepute” is said to come from it.

Hirosaki Neputa has a fan type “fan neptuta” and a doll type “assembly neptuta”, and the fan neputa is called “mirror painting” on the front side and “back painting” on the back side. Mirror painting is brave and fierce warrior painting such as Sangokushi and Water Margin, and beautiful painting related to Mirror painting is depicted on the picture to see off. Because it is a completely different expression on the front compared to the back, you can enjoy it both before and after it passes by.

Enjoy Hirosaki Neptuta, powerful enough to blow away sleepy!


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