Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri Festival


Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri Festival
Tottori-shi, Tottori prefecture

Tottori Shan-Shan Matsuri Festival is the biggest summer festival in the prefecture held every August. The main part of this festival is the “Inaba No Kasaodori Dance”, which is arranged in a way that anyone can dance easily using an umbrella called “Shan-Shan Gasa Umbrella” that has long been known to the eastern part of Tottori prefecture. The number of people participating in dance exceeds 4,000 people every year, showing a simultaneous beauty with many dancer’s umbrellas moving harmoniously at the same time. At the 50th Memorial Convention in 2014, the number of participants was recorded in the Guinness World Record as “the biggest umbrella dance”.

In Furusato Matsuri Tokyo, people dance to 3 songs, which are “Kinanse-Bushi” that has been used since the first time the festival was held, “Heisei Tottori Ondo” by the famous singer Saburo Kitajima, and a pop song popular among the young people “Shan Shan Shangurira”.

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