Noto Anamizu Kiriko Festival

Noto Anamizu Kiriko Festival

Anamizu-machi, Hosu-gun, Ishikawa prefecture

Ishikawa prefecture’s Noto Peninsula is a treasure trove of festivals and known for the various festivals held there . “Kiriko Festival” which can be said as representative among the numerous Noto festivals is held in each region from summer to autumn.
The history of “Kiriko Festival” goes back to the Edo period, and it spread over the sea and mountains over time to the whole of Noto. Interests and conventions are handed down by region, and in April 2015 the Noto Peninsula Kiriko Festival was certified as a heritage event in Japan.
“Kiriko” is an abbreviation for “Kiriko tourou”, and it is carried as a deity lamp that illuminates the base of a portable mikoshi Shinto shrine.
The highlight is to dance vigorously to the drum flute and gong festival music.

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