Kouchi Yosakoi Festival

Kouchi Yosakoi Festival
Kouchi-shi, Kouchi Prefecture

Kouchi Yosakoi Festival will be held in Kouchi City, Kochi Prefecture for 4 days from August 9th to 12th every year. There are 200 participating teams in Tosa’s carnival where about 19,000 Naruko dancers rock the city.
In 1954, the Kochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established with the aim of ending the recession, praying for the health and prosperity of the citizens, as well as encouraging the promotion of the shopping district. The number of participants which was 750 the first time expanded over to exceed 10,000 dancers in the 30th round. It constantly adopts new things, choreography is samba tone, rock tone, classic dance and combines ingenuity, and it’s a festival the viewer never tires of.

Enjoy Yosakoi, which is packed with Tosa’s passion!


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