Iwami Kagura

Iwami Kagura
Hamada-shi, Shimane Prefecture

Iwami Kagura is a traditional art that has long been known to the Iwami district of Shimane prefecture. It is said that its history dates back to the Muromachi Period. Until the beginning of the Meiji period, Shinto priests handed the tradition down to priestesses, and now more than 130 organizations are active in Iwami district. The dignified dance, which is entertaining and performed dressed in gorgeous costumes to light music, invites the viewer into the world of old myths.
Among the more than 30 performances, this time we are showcasing “Orochi” which is also called the lower of Iwami Kagura from that scale. It is based on Kojiki’s myth Susano-no mikoto’s extermination of the eight-headed giant serpent named Orochi which is over 17 meters in length, and the fierce battle between Orochi and Susano, which is a masterpiece.

Enjoy a dance full of dynamism and music!


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