Hachinohe houryo kagura / Hachinohe nanbu minyou

Hachinohe houryo kagura / Hachinohe nanbu minyou

Hachinohe-shi, Aomori Prefecture

“Kagura” is a song and dance performed which is dedicated to God in Japanese Shintoism. The Hachinohe Horei Kagura has been dedicated to Omi Shrine in Hachinohe city in Aomori Prefecture by Yamabushi since 300 years ago. It is characterized by the dance with the lion head called of Gongen (authority), and the power of “simultaneous tooth striking” to strike the teeth all at once is a masterpiece, purifying the heart of the viewer by sound and its form. It is being exhibited at the Kagura festival held every May and at the three Hachinohe Festival festivals.
Aomori prefecture is a region where traditional folk songs are thriving and what is indispensable for its folk songs is “Hand dancing”. It features light handling and feet carry. In the southern region of Aomori prefecture, the tradition of “Nanbu Minyou” and “Hand dancing” have been transmitted from hundreds of years ago, and along with the development of the city, many folk songs such as “Nanbu Tawaratsumi Uta” as well as the southern seven folk songs called “Hachinohe Kouta” which are called New Folk Songs are  also famous throughout the country.
In addition to the southern folk song called Nanbu nanauta, many folk songs such as “Nanbu Tawaratumi Uta” have been sung.

Enjoy the traditional performing arts that are transferred to Hachinohe!



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