The 8th Japan Local Donburi Championship

Premium Mikawa Isshiki Grilled Eel Donburi


This is a rice bowl dish which uses the local eel of the Mikawa Ishiki area and the rich soy sauce from Aichi prefecture. The combination of eel, green onion and dried seaweed is outstanding.

How to Participate in the Japan Local Donburi Championship:

1.At the donburi ticket counter, buy one ticket for each you want to try. (One ticket is 500 yen.)
2.Go to the booth of the donburi you’d like to try and exchange your ticket for a serving. Try different ones to compare them.
3.Put your coin into the voting box for your favorite to cast your vote.
4.On the last day, the event will decide the #1 local specialty donburi!

Although you can buy as many donburi tickets as you like all at once, voting is limited to once per person, so you will only be given one voting coin.


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Echizen! Crab Donburi


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Sea Urchin Donburi Akita Kanto Festival With warm rice,this gem(Ippin)!